Executive and Leadership Coaching

Are you serious about developing the skills needed to excel at coaching managers and leaders in the corporate world? Our executive coach training program focuses on the following topics: Navigating complexity within the corporate context, managing different stakeholders involved in the coaching engagement, being fearless in addressing clients’ challenges, dealing with change and cultivating leadership. The program is a deep dive into advanced coaching skills.

We meet in a beautiful conveniently located retreat center  for  a 2 day intensive learning experience, followed by a 5-week practicum via videoconference.  You will receive a well-rounded experience of study combined with hands- on support and expert supervision that will enable you to enter the field of executive coaching with confidence.

Our Executive and Leadership Coaching course is open to certified coaches with at least 150 hours of paid coaching experience, subject to the approval of the course instructor and director of training.

Course Dates: TBD


  • Daphna Horowitz, MCC

    Daphna Horowitz, MCC