Advanced Training Opportunities at JCI

Spring 2018


Are you serious about developing the skills needed to excel at coaching managers and leaders in the corporate world? Our executive coach training program focuses on the following topics: Navigating complexity within the corporate context, managing different stakeholders involved in the coaching engagement, being fearless in addressing clients’ challenges, dealing with change and cultivating leadership. The program is a deep dive into advanced coaching skills.

We meet in a convenient Jerusalem location for 6 weekly modules, followed by a 5-week practicum.  You will receive a well-rounded experience of study combined with hands- on support and expert supervision that will enable you to enter the field of executive coaching with confidence.

Our Executive and Leadership Coaching course is open to certified coaches with at least 150 hours of paid coaching experience, subject to the approval of the course instructor and director of training.

Admission Requirements: Life Coach Certification

Instructor: Daphna Horwitz, MCC


Spirituality is an essential element of our reality but it is widely overlooked and even pathologized in the treatment protocols of most mental health “experts” including psychiatrists, therapists and coaches.  The effects of this can be demoralizing and even damaging to the people seeking help.

Spiritual Coaching is an effective approach to healing and addresses the growing awareness in society about this aspect of reality.

In the JCI spiritual coaching track you will be trained to help your client recognize and utilize all of their spiritual capacities and heal from any negative feedback and treatment that they have received in the past.  You will identify your own spiritual experiences and philosophy, explore “intuitive Intelligence,” work with altered mind states, learn to trace the onset of physical and emotional ailments to your client’s birth and even before birth, create individualized rituals for your clients, and more.

Spiritual Coaching is  respectful, non-judgmental and supportive.  As a spiritual coach you will have the opportunity to help your clients use the full range of  their “self-healing” skills and talents.

This course will meet weekly for five 90 minute classes on Zoom and is open to both therapists and coaches subject to the approval of the instructor and director of training.

Instructor: Harold Koning, PhD


In our fast- paced society people are experiencing unprecedented levels of both acute and chronic stress.  This poses a major threat to our physical, emotional, and intellectual health and can cause a range of illnesses from diabetes to depression. In fact, health experts estimate that stress accounts for between 75-90% of illness making it THE major risk factor in public health today.

As a stress management coach you will be able to help your clients identify sources of stress and both manage and eliminate stress in order to achieve greater health and wellbeing.

This course will meet for six weekly 2 hour classes on Zoom and is open both to therapists and coaches subject to the approval of the instructor and director of training.

Instructor: Harold Koning, PhD