NLP for Coaches and Therapists

Already a coach and eager to exponentially boost your skills?

Join our 6 week NLP intensive and add the most powerful NLP tools to your coaching toolbox.

Neuro-linguistic programming uses language-based techniques- spoken, body language, storytelling, and imagination- to create profound, lasting change for your clients.

In this 6 week course you will learn to help your clients:

  • Heal childhood wounds
  • Release unhealthy emotional patterns
  • learn new techniques for making decisions
  • Replace self defeating behaviors with healthful habits
  • Rid themselves of phobias
  • Overcome addictions

In addition, you will learn how to use language patterns in coaching to increase motivation, passion, and imagination and use metaphors and stories to affect change.

Our course will meet both in our Jerusalem classroom and on Zoom in the Summer of 2024. (Day and time TBD)

Tuition: 1200 ILS plus VAT ($370 for non Israel residents)


  • Leah Gniwesch, PhD

    Leah Gniwesch, PhD