Leah Gniwesch, PhD

Leah Gniwesch, PhD, Founder and Director, Jerusalem Coaching Institute

Dr Gniwesch received her PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1998 from Yeshiva University and her life coach certification in 2002. Dr. Gniwesch founded the Jerusalem Coaching Institute in 2006 in order to train a generation of outstanding coaches with the most powerful and holistic techniques and practices in the world.

Dr. Gniwesch splits her professional time between teaching at the Jerusalem Coaching Institute, her private practice as a life coach, and doing research in women’s cardiovascular health at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Dr. Gniwesch currently resides in Israel and enjoys traveling, scuba diving and singing opera. You can reach her at www.leahgniwesch.com.

Harold Koning, PhD

Harold Koning, PhD, Senior Supervisor and Program Advisor

Dr Koning holds a PhD degree in Social Psychology, a Master of Social Work degree, Master of Educational Technology, Master of Clinical Rational Hypnotherapy and Certification in Medical Hypnosis. Dr. Koning also completed postgraduate training at the Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute. Dr. Koning developed “Potential Based Coaching Systems,” a Mind/Body healing approach.

Dr Koning is the founder of Dynamic Wellness Strategies and mentored Dr. Leah in coaching in 2002. He is a Life, Wellness and Career Coach based in Plantation Florida and has worked with thousands of clients around the world.

Dr. Koning has an extensive work/research history in Europe, South America and the Caribbean. Having lived in South Florida for the last 21 years, he served a seven-year tenure as a Research Associate at the University of Miami School of Education and was an adjunct faculty member at St. Thomas University/Miami for three years.

He has developed and conducted many motivational speaking engagements and seminars over the years related to the Mind Body Connection and he is featured in the book titled, “Turning Dreams Into Success” by Bunny and Larry Holman.

In addition, Dr. Koning has taught and practiced Qi Gong for 25 years, is an instructor of Indonesian Martial Arts and a Master Drummer in the Afro-Caribbean tradition. He is fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch, French and Surinamese Creole.

Dr. Koning’s work style is an integration of Mind-Body Medicine, NLP, Humanistic Psychology, Trans-personal Psychology, Guided Affective Imagery, Kinesiology, and humor.

His motto: “I practice what I teach.”

Shev Simon

Shev Simon, Instructor, Business and Branding

Shev is a holistic business coach who focuses on branding, because “when you’re clear on your brand – what you do, who you do it for, and why – you can build a purposeful business with impact.”

With writing exercises, guided meditation, and vision boards – oh my! – her clients achieve the kind of breakthroughs that change their life and their business. Shev is a powerful wordsmith and coach, helping business owners translate their beliefs and values into a fresh, compelling message, vision, and strategy.

Shev’s Map Out Your Business course teaches new coaches the steps they need to take to build a successful, meaningful business.

A graduate of the Jerusalem Coaching Institute and Harold Koning’s Spiritual Coaching programme, Shev guides and inspires clients across Israel, Australia, and the UK. Learn more about her business, SHINE Brand Clarity, at www.shevsimon.com.

Sara Halevi

Sara Halevi, Instructor, Mind/Body Coaching

Sara Halevi, MA, is a leader in the field of the treatment of chronic pain and illness. A graduate of the Jerusalem Coaching Institute, Sara has been a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist for 30 years. She is the author of three books on Fibromyalgia, including a treatment guide for practitioners. Sara’s treatment paradigm has helped dozens of people with chronic pain to live better, healthier lives. She lives in South Jerusalem and is the mother of four grown children. For more information on Sara’s work, or to consult with her, click on www.fibroconsulting.com.

Khaya Eisenberg, PsyD

Khaya Eisenberg, PsyD, Instructor, Ethics, Psychopathology

Khaya Eisenberg has a Psy.D. in School-Clinical Child Psychology from Pace University. She works as a research psychologist at the Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Wellness Center for Women, where she explores ways to use psychology and coaching methods to help women achieve their optimal health. She also maintains a private practice in Jerusalem where she provides individual coaching and psychotherapy. Khaya has taught a wide range of psychology courses including theories of psychotherapy, lifespan development, family therapy, and ethics in marital and family therapy. She is currently pursuing an additional degree in bioethics at Bar Ilan, where her research will focus on navigating ethical challenges as a religious therapist.

Eli Shine

Eli Shine, Instructor, Time Management

Eli Shine is an international speaker, psychologist and professional coach. As graduate of JCI, he has coached a wide range of people including successful business owners, clergy, and those facing physical and emotional challenges including, Cerebral Palsy, Depression and OCD. Eli has presented across three continents on topics of Time Management, Psychology, and Optimal Performance. He lives in Israel with his wife Abigail and their five children.

Shulamit Lando

Shulamit Lando, Instructor, Theracoaching

Shulamit Lando is a JCI alumna who has also been a therapist for 32 years. She was able to completely heal herself from Multiple Sclerosis—an illness which is considered to be incurable. She calls herself a TheraCoach (a blend of Body-Mind Psychotherapy and Medical Coaching) and specializes in working with people living with chronic conditions.

What gives her life true meaning and purpose is to accompany and help people find their very own path to healing with the same proven tools that worked on herself and others.

She has written 2 books. The second one: HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A Guide to Living WELL with a Chronic Condition tells the story and shares what helped her (and many others) to deal as best as possible and regain wellness all the way to the possibility to really heal.

She is originally from Mexico and has lived in Jerusalem for 24 years.

Her book can be found in Amazon.com
You can contact her at: shulahu@gmail.com