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Coach Training Courses

Life Coach Certification

This course provides all of the skills and techniques that you need to start coaching along with specialized training with a business development expert to help you start working as soon as you graduate!

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Spiritual Coaching

In the JCI spiritual coaching track you will be trained to help your client recognize and utilize all of their spiritual capacities and heal from any negative feedback and treatment that they have received in the past.

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If you are ready for a new set of tools that is effective, “out of the box” and work QUICKLY to affect change our NLP intensive is for you!

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What Past Students Have to Say

“I’ve done A LOT in the world of personal development and training. Leah’s life coaching course was rich and had a fantastic structure to it. She’s an amazing coach, trainer, and friend, and I’ve learned a lot from here! If you’re thinking of getting into the coaching world…I highly recommend JCI’s course. It’s delivered with love and professionalism!”

Simcha Gluck

“Coaching has helped me understand myself and gain perspective. It makes me be a better parent and husband. Coaching has helped me improve my health and fitness (I lost 18 kilos!), helped me build my business and charge the fees that I want to charge, and has put me in control of my emotions.”

Eli Shine

“Coaching helps me remember to nurture all parts of myself-not just my brain! It helps me stay grounded in the face of upset and has given me the tools to practice what I teach. Coaching gives me a place to process what is going on for me both personally and professionally while requiring me to continually take action towards my goals.”

Jamie Trager Muney

Studying with JCI was such a positive experience. Learning the ins and outs of coaching with a teacher who really cares and has a wealth of experience was heartwarming and expansive and so inclusive. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a coach!

Deena Neustadter

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of entering the coaching field or even to someone who is already coaching and wants to learn from a great, professional and authentic teacher.

Gabriela Ada

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