What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is an individualized system designed to help clients achieve their goals using their own strengths, skills, and abilities.

I already feel like I am coaching-I give my friends great advice -why do I need to get training?

Many of our applicants feel like they have been coaching for their entire lives. They are the “go-to” person for their friends, they are good listeners and give solid advice. Although you may already be functioning as a kind of coach or advisor to your friends and family it is extremely important to formally learn coaching in order to have a proven professional system to augment your natural talents and instincts. Life Coaching is a serious endeavor! Would you want to drive a car or practice law without any training?

The JCI curriculum offers a proven method that will give structure to what you are doing instinctively and will help you take your natural born talents to the next level.

What are the acceptance requirements to JCI? Are there prerequisites to taking the course?

Your acceptance into a training program at JCI is based on your application and a personal interview with our director. We ask for personal and/or professional references as well. Our students are accepted on a case- by- case basis in order to insure that only the most qualified and ethical students go through our training. At JCI we emphasize quality over quantity in our student body.

What are the advantages of studying at the Jerusalem Coaching Institute?

The JCI offers in depth, experiential training in what is simply the finest coaching system that exists. Our in- person, hands-on small group training provides an experience like no other coaching school. Our system is designed to help you achieve maximum emotional fitness and growth while learning to coach others so that you can “walk the walk” and not simply “talk the talk.”

Our supervised practicums give you the opportunity to put your skills into practice in a supportive, safe environment that is designed to maximize your learning. When you are finished with your coach training we help you launch your business through our business development module with Nathalie Garson-an expert business strategist who brings a wealth of experience and depth into every meeting.

Each group of JCI students forms a supportive community and we also provide forums for ongoing connection with our entire group of alumni.

How is the JCI philosophy different from other coaching schools?

At JCI we look at each individual as a complete person and relate to all of his/her parts: physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual as we empower our clients to become self-sufficient, heal themselves, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our faculty is comprised of the finest clinicians in the field with decades of proven experience and extensive academic training.

How long does it take to complete my training at the JCI?

Our course meets twice a week and takes about 6 months to complete.

How do I complete my training at JCI?

Earning your life coach certification at JCI requires attendance of all classes, completing assignments and working with 3 volunteer clients while under supervision with one of our master coaches.

I don’t think that I want to work as a coach. Can I take this course for my own personal growth?

YES. Although our primary aim at JCI is to train certified coaches, many of our students take our courses for their own personal growth or to add to their skills in other professions such as rabbinics, social work, psychology and teaching.

Will I be able to coach after I complete my coach training?

Absolutely! The course is designed to give you the skills and experience that you need to “get out and coach!” That being said, we encourage our students to continually hone their knowledge and increase their skill set by reading the latest literature in relevant fields, and participating in continuing education at the JCI or other venues.

Where do classes take place?

Classes take place in a convenient location in Jerusalem or on Zoom.

How much homework can I expect per week?

Be prepared to invest between 1-3 hours a week outside of regular classes.

What happens if I miss a class?

Classes are digitally recorded and made available for students who need to miss a class.

Once I am a certified coach-how do I start my coaching practice?

Coaching is like any other business-it requires effort and persistence! To get you started JCI has a built in “Marketing your Business” module with Business and Branding Coach Shev Simon to help you start working as soon as you graduate.

What types of goals will I be able to help my clients with after becoming a certified coach at the Jerusalem Coaching Institute?

The core curriculum of the JCI is designed to enable your work with the widest possible range of (adult) clients. Our graduates specialize in a variety of areas including time management, resilience coaching, working with ADHD, emotional fitness, stress management and more. Our specialization tracks offer further specialization in several other areas.

What if I want to study life coaching in order to apply my skills to another profession?

Great idea! Coaching skills are applicable to most other professions: teaching, psychology, psychiatry, health related fields, PR, rabbinics, law, management, you name it! In addition, your coach training and experience can give you an advantage when competing for high- level positions in any business or organizational setting.

Do I have what it takes to be a coach?

Our students have a wide variety of backgrounds. We have trained psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, clergy, teachers and people who have chosen coaching as their first career. What makes a good coach is based more on character, professionalism and people skills than on prior academic experience and degrees.

I noticed that JCI is now offering specialization tracks-do I need to specialize?

No. Specialization is optional. Our core curriculum will give you an outstanding education that will give you what you need to work as a coach.

I would like to sign up for additional training-can I specialize in more than one track?

Absolutely! Students may specialize in up to 2 tracks a year. We do our best to schedule our specialization modules in a way that allows those students who want to specialize in more than one area to do so.

Are there opportunities for continuing education at JCI?

Yes! Contact us for information on additional training and ongoing supervision.