Leah Gniwesch, PhD

Leah Gniwesch, PhD, Founder and Director, Jerusalem Coaching Institute

Dr Gniwesch received her PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1998 from Yeshiva University and her life coach certification in 2002. Dr. Gniwesch founded the Jerusalem Coaching Institute in 2006 in order to train a generation of outstanding coaches with the best techniques and practices in the world. Dr. Gniwesch splits her professional time between teaching at the Jerusalem Coaching Institute and her private practice as a life coach. Dr. Gniwesch currently resides in Jerusalem, Israel and enjoys traveling, scuba diving and singing opera.

Harold Koning, PhD

Harold Koning, PhD, Senior Supervisor and Program Advisor

Dr Koning holds a PhD degree in Social Psychology, a Master of Social Work degree, Master of Educational Technology, Master of Clinical Rational Hypnotherapy and Certification in Medical Hypnosis. Dr. Koning also completed postgraduate training at the Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute. Dr. Koning developed “Potential Based Coaching Systems,” a Mind/Body healing approach.

Dr Koning is the founder of Dynamic Wellness Strategies and mentored Dr. Leah in coaching in 2002. He is a Life, Wellness and Career Coach based in Plantation Florida and has worked with thousands of clients around the world.

Dr. Koning has an extensive work/research history in Europe, South America and the Caribbean. Having lived in South Florida for the last 21 years, he served a seven-year tenure as a Research Associate at the University of Miami School of Education and was an adjunct faculty member at St. Thomas University/Miami for three years.

He has developed and conducted many motivational speaking engagements and seminars over the years related to the Mind Body Connection and he is featured in the book titled, “Turning Dreams Into Success” by Bunny and Larry Holman.

In addition, Dr. Koning has taught and practiced Qi Gong for 25 years, is an instructor of Indonesian Martial Arts and a Master Drummer in the Afro-Caribbean tradition. He is fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch, French and Surinamese Creole.

Dr. Koning’s work style is an integration of Mind-Body Medicine, NLP, Humanistic Psychology, Trans-personal Psychology, Guided Affective Imagery, Kinesiology, and humor.

His motto: “I practice what I teach.”

Daphna Horowitz, MCC

Daphna Horowitz, MCC, Instructor and Program Director, Leadership Coaching

Actuary, Author, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Coach – Daphna holds qualifications in business, leadership and coaching. She works closely with leaders and teams to transform workplace culture by developing strategic processes, leading change initiatives and enabling leadership effectiveness and impact.

Daphna has an outstanding track record coaching CEOs and facilitating leadership development programmes across the globe in the following industries: financial services, business schools, IT, FMCG and consulting. Recent assignments across Europe, Africa, Middle East and India include the following clients: Barclays Bank, Coca-Cola, Medtronic, Hollard Insurance, Rand Merchant Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Anglo American, Siemens, University of Stellenbosch and GIBS Business School.

Her home on the web is http://daphnahorowitz.com.

Nathalie Garson, MBA

Nathalie Garson, MBA, Instructor, Marketing and Entrepreneurship for Coaches

Nathalie has over 15 years of experience in the US, France and Israel as a Business Development and Marketing Director, Business Coach and Consultant in Strategy and Business Development. She is the Founder and CEO of Yazamut Israel.

Nathalie is passionate about empowering businesses and individuals to be the best at what they do by defining their specific value proposition based on a holistic approach, building bridges between business performance and personal aspirations.

For more information about Nathalie click on https://nathaliegarson.com.