“Coaching has helped me understand myself and gain perspective. It makes me be a better parent and husband. Coaching has helped me improve my health and fitness (I lost 18 kilos!), helped me build my business and charge the fees that I want to charge, and has put me in control of my emotions.”

Eli Shine

“Coaching helps me remember to nurture all parts of myself-not just my brain! It helps me stay grounded in the face of upset and has given me the tools to practice what I teach. Coaching gives me a place to process what is going on for me both personally and professionally while requiring me to continually take action towards my goals.”

Jamie Trager Muney

“I’ve done A LOT in the world of personal development and training. Leah’s life coaching course was rich and had a fantastic structure to it. She’s an amazing coach, trainer, and friend, and I’ve learned a lot from here! If you’re thinking of getting into the coaching world…I highly recommend JCI’s course. It’s delivered with love and professionalism!”

Simcha Gluck

Studying with JCI was such a positive experience. Learning the ins and outs of coaching with a teacher who really cares and has a wealth of experience was heartwarming and expansive and so inclusive. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a coach!

Deena Neustadter

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of entering the coaching field or even to someone who is already coaching and wants to learn from a great, professional and authentic teacher.

Gabriela Ada